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Vivek Physiotherapy Clinic And Rehabilitation Center

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About Dr. Pavan Singhal (PT)

Dr. Pavan Singhal a consultant physiotherapist in Vivek Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre. He did BPT from Rajiv Gandhi University of health sciences Karnataka in 2010. He had work in Dhanwantri hospital and research Centre Mansarovar from Aug 2012 to June 2017

Vivek Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre is run by Dr. Pavan Singhal, a well-known Physiotherapist. She has about 5+ Yrs. of experience in her respective field in Jaipur. She is full of zeal to set a stamp of her own in the field of Physiotherapy treatment at affordable cost but maintaining highest quality & authenticity of Physio. The vision of Dr. Pavan Singhal to fulfill the need for specialized Healthcare and treatment led him to conceive the idea of multi-disciplinary practice. This resulted in the establishment of Vivek Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre. Dr. Pavan Singhal is committed to ensuring the most positive experience possible to the patients. They may contact her for assistance. With a unique multi-disciplinary approach, the customers have access to the renowned treatment for Low Back Pain, Slip Disc, Sciatica, Spondylitis, Stress & Strain etc. This Clinic aims to provide different specialties under one roof.

Dr. Pavan Singhal has done in BPT from College of Physiotherapy – Rajiv Gandhi University from 2010. And started her Apprentice from All India Medical Institute of Science, Delhi., then work as Physiotherapist in Dhanwantry Hospital & joined Consultant Physiotherapist in Vivek Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre.

Treatment Available in Vivek Physiotherapy Clinic And Rehabilitation Center