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While attaining self- sufficiency, Shri Vivek Gupta also sought to provide scholarships to the poor and had for a period of time also trained students in designing computer software. Despite the repercussion of the accident, he ventured into the activities of ordinary pursuit such as driving and swimming. In order to become more independent, he traveled all the way to Chandigarh for a period of 30 days for Independence Intensive Rehabilitation. Unfortunately, he breathed his last on 7th November 2016, but his life continues to inspire people to believe in themselves and carve out the best from whatever they have.

Vivek Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation centre has been inspired by the life of Shri Vivek Gupta. He was a professional software developer with sixteen years of experience catering to the technological needs of Multi-National Corporations. However, the most remarkable part of his life has been his journey from the fateful night of 22nd February 1994 when he met with a fateful road accident and suffered life-threatening spinal cord injury in the second year of his Engineering College. The doctors had initially shown dim hope of his survival. Later, the doctors had declared that he will be a paraplegic for his entire life. This news had not only left all his near and dear ones in shock but pushed him in a state of despair and hopelessness. Nevertheless, with unflinching support from his family and his willpower he fought against all the odds and rekindled the spirit of living a meaningful positive life.

Under the guidance of Shri Kailashji, founder member of SYSTEM COMPUTERS, Shri Vivek Gupta attained the degree of Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD). He looked forward to living an independent life and was employed in the System Software Company. He later went to work as a consultant to MV Software, a company situated in the US. He was associated with various Group Thinkers, motivating other people who shared his fate.